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The Helix Enforcers team (Fox, Squirrel, Iguana and Ferret)

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The Helix Enforcers team (Fox, Squirrel, Iguana and Ferret)

On October 3-4 we were at OrlandoiX Gaming Experience (Orlando, Florida, USA) showing our pre-alpha version of our game The Helix Enforcers. We were nervous as we have been working on it only for 2.5 months and we had expected multiple issues. However, the code was strong and there were no crashes! (some invisible platforms and areas where the player was stuck were found, but no crashes! which was a big accomplishment). As the day started, we were excited and nervous, the doors opened and we were flooded with awesome gamers, developers and curious people. Before we knew it, 220+ people passed by our booth and played our game. We received an amazing response from everyone and we thank you for your questions, comments, and feedback. The concept art, direction, design and final version was a hit! Everyone loved the main characters and how fluid the game was.

We never expected such a great reception, it was really magical. One common question, as it was a very small demo (one level and one boss fight), was about the setting and what exactly is behind the mission. So, here it goes…

“Around 500 years in the future, humans are no longer in the picture. All of them, allegedly, died during the Hybrid Wars. However, before they were all extinct, DNA modifications were done to all animals. Nature allowed them to evolve with humanoid characteristics. Insects were very smart and mammals were very tough and powerful. However, everyone was living in harmony until a scientific discovery known as the “Food Chain” declaration was found. This changed everything. Social disagreements were only the beginning, discrimination from both parties started to happen, finally small guerrillas started taking sides based on their race. A special task group was formed to control wars: The Helix Enforcers. At the same time, when all appears to be lost, an insect ambassador, Marcus DeFlea, was able to hold the tension between the groups, but on the verge of the day that would bring peace back to the world, he is kidnapped by an unknown organization. The Helix Enforcers are now the only ones that can avoid a war between Insects and other species (mostly mammals), through the rescue of the key stakeholder who is the great pacifier…if they can find him in time.”

Well, we hope that will explain a little bit more of the backstory and who the team is. We were also asked multiple questions about merchandise, collectible cards, starting a tv series and more. There was a lot of interest in our new approach for a “open” platform which mixed a bit of traditional platforming with also exploration, through a tough mission in the middle of the Antarctic. We are trying to approach this mission as if it was real. Therefore,  if you run out of time, you will not die or lose (traditional path), instead, the enemies will discover that you infiltrated the based and send special reinforcements to key positions in the area. There are also additional surprises that we are adding, but we want to keep some mysteries while we develop, so we can modify them later.