N/D Short Film Project and 2 Untitled Game Projects

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Short Film

Short Film Creative Team

Yes, that is right, we have been working on 2 Games for a couple of months already. Both games are mobile and we expect them to be launch by the end of 2013. Besides that, we are working on a short film (20 minutes) called N/D to be directed by Darran Boyer and co-directed by Miguel Miller. We are assisting with the Production and Direction, plus taking care of all Special Effects required for this project.

The picture shows the team during a Pre-Production meeting. Pre-production involves all the planning ahead, like analysis of the script, determine the line script, the color script, the effects will be required, the location, the cast, the time, the equipment, catering, etc. All that information needs to be ready before the actual Production day, which is the day of filming. Post-production takes cares of other activities, like editing, color correction, integration with special effects, authoring and more.

Keep an eye on our blog, we will post new information as the short evolves in time.