#TBT Post? Progress and fans from The Helix Enforcers!!!

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As we mentioned in a previous post, we went to Orlando iX to show our first Alpha version of our game(so this could be a Throwback Thursday Post), The Helix Enforcers. Everything went really well, we had a great reception and an amazing time, plus getting great feedback. We already incorporated some in


      RenataPS88 and T.H.E.

our current Alpha version and we are working towards a more solid demo… but is still in Alpha 🙂

At Orlando iX we met wonderful developer teams, like Rob Walker (Game Designer) that has been working now with us in developing great levels for T.H.E., April Ray from Immersed Games with their amazing educational game (and favorite Alien running around the convention),  RenataPS88 who has a great channel for games(Portuguese may be needed ;)…), our neighbors Outhouse Games, Pedro from Good War Games (an indie team from Miami, just like us), Andru Fratarcangeli from GameTrep & Frank Velazquez from SF IGDA(supporting Miami with their events for anything related to Gaming!)

Keep playing! 🙂