N/D short film… From Production to Post Production

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Red CameraLast Sunday we were able to work on Recommence Productions short N/D: a short comedy/drama which we expect to see at multiple film festivals. We were assigned multiple roles as: 1st Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Prop master. Even when we may have finished with production, we are now starting post production (Editor, VFX, Color Correction, etc). There is still a long road before the final version, but everything looks promising… especially when you have a RED Camera!

What do you do as an AD? Well, if we had to compare it with a more generic name, we could say that the AD is equivalent to a Project Manager. As an AD, you are in charge of keeping track of the daily progress of the Production Schedule, maintaining order on the set, checking on cast/crew, and solving any challenge that appears. This will allow the Director(s) to have the set ready to go. The most used phrase by an AD is: “Quiet on the set, we are going for a take, Is Sound Ready?, Is Camera Ready?, Roll Sound, Roll Camera, Call it”.

Venturing into film projects gives us experience in learning to create stories and to organize our projects. This was a great experience for us. For more information, please also visit: www.toberevealed.com. We will let you know when the film is released.