Team Member Highlight – Mario Gonzalez

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Even though the CNG team is going crazy with tight deadlines for programming, creating amazing graphics, and music, I sat down with Mario Gonzalez to talk about our industry and a few other fun things:Mario in office2

Q: What got you into video games? A: The Atari 2600 got me into playing video games. The Atari 400 home computer got me into making them.‏

Q: What is your favorite game of all time (outside of CNG and Tap Date Games of course…lol). A: My current favorite game is Skyrim, my favorite game of all time is Zelda for the NES.

Q: What is your creative process for developing your sounds? A: For developing sounds, you really have to use your imagination. For example, I need the sound for a security video camera rotating. Now, it would be extremely difficult to go find one and actually record it, so you find something near by that does the trick. In this case, I used my electric shaver and then just played with the pitch an a few effects, and wah lah, you got the sound.Mario in office1

Q: What do you think is an upcoming trend in video games? A: We are in a new renaissance of video games. Almost like the beginning, where 1 guy could make a hit game for atari all by himself. Now any with a phone is playing video games. People that would have never picked up a console controller are sitting on their couch with a tablet and playing all types of games. The age range of players now ranges goes from 2 to 80. It is an incredible time to be a game designer.

Q: What is your favorite snack while you are programming? A: While programming, I just relax with some green tea and honey. I’m trying to avoid munching on stuff, especially since most my programming takes place late at night.

Check out Mario below on the cover of Action Game Master:

Cover of mag

Wow! Well there you have it: a healthy programmer/composer/gamer! It is definitely true that we are in a renaissance for our industry and that is what makes it so exciting. I am going to go warm uip some green tea and honey in honor of Mario!! Plus its delicious! Look out for more of our team member highlights in the future.


– Cristine (programmer stalkerazzi)