CNG goes to GDC

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We are in day 2 of the GDC. It has been a great experience so far. Seminars are really a great time to re-evaluate your mission, learn new things in the industry, and perhaps reaffirm what you want to continue doing.

For us at CNG Studios, it has really made us realize a few areas that we feel we need to enhance and start doing all together:

1. We need to get more social! We realized that it has not been our strength to tweet, blog, and Facebook as regularly as we should. We also would love to build a community that communicates with us and helps us be even better.

2. Localization is paramount! We want to reach the world and do so respectful of their preferred language. It would be so exciting for us to get this going.

We still have lots to soak up so we will keep you updated.