Quiet on set!

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WP_20131006_015We had an exciting time filming with Recommence Productions on the upcoming short film N/D. In this pic, we were in the Wynwood Art District in Miami trying to get an action scene. Our Director Darran Boyer is actually off camera coaching another actor. Our Co-Director Miguel Miller and our main actor Gabriel Vill are blocking the next take on the left while our Director of Photography (DP) Stephen Brevig was setting up the camera with his First Assistant Camera (AC) person Jason. I am protecting the camera and the DP from a Miami Heat stroke. I was very fortunate to be given the role of script supervisor and really learned a lot in the process. The Script Supervisor is a critical position in the film industry and keeps the production organized and hopefully keeps an accurate record of all the takes, cameras used, lenses, filters, time, and especially helpful notes about each take that will help the Director and the Editor later in post-production. It seems like a pretty solid gig in the film industry, but you have to be super analytical and organized. To learn more about the film and upcoming events, you may also visit www.toberevealed.com.